The Kanata Procedure Clinic

Appointments can be booked with very minimal wait times - usually within 1 week!

Call or email today to schedule your free consultation: 613-435-7730, [email protected]

Services include:

  • Skin biopsies, excisions and liquid nitrogen therapy - Moles, skin tags, lesions
  • Steroid joint injections - knee, shoulder, elbow, hip bursitis
  • Laceration repairs
  • Cyst/Abscess incision and drainages
  • Sebaceous / Pilar cyst excisions
  • Ganglion cyst aspirations
  • Thrombectomy of thrombosed hemorrhoids

*We do not perform excisions of lipomas, ganglions or nails. We do not perform biopsies/excisions of certain areas on the body such as the eyelids, lips and genitals 

Most procedures are covered by OHIP, except for the following cosmetic services:

Liquid nitrogen therapy for cosmetic lesions: Starting at $20

Skin tag removal: Starting at $50

Cosmetic mole removal: Starting at $200

Cyst excision: Starting at $300

The procedure clinic is operated by Dr. Mitchell Wright, MD, CCFP, who is a graduate of the 2013 class of The McMaster University School of Medicine. Dr. Wright is a General Practitioner with years of experience and a special interest in performing minor procedures.

Referrals can be faxed to: 613-435-4773

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